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About Me

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With over 10 years of experience in Real Estate and a lifetime’s worth of experience in Bellingham, there are few agents who know the area and the industry better.

Growing up in Bellingham gave me a keen sense of its neighborhoods and seasons. As your Realtor, I am excited to share my knowledge of the area, so you can focus on the neighborhoods you’ll love. I knows a good home provides both comfort through its welcoming interior, and community through its connection to fun outdoors and amenities. With me, you’ll get more than a Realtor, you’ll get a local who knows our community. I’ll help you get settled in a new house and send you on your way to calling it “home.”

Who Am I?

I'm a graduate from the University of Washington (Go Dawgs) with a degree in Environmental Science. I'm a passionate philanthropist with a love for giving back to a community that has given so much to me. I'm a fan of anything outdoors who lives by the motto: "you won't know unless you try!" I'm a lover of dogs, sports, cooking, and family. I believe that prioritizing mental and physical health is the key to a happy and successful life. I place my value in time spent doing what makes me happy and I strive to help others reach their goals too, whether it's fitness, real estate, or health/nutrition.  

Paddling with Icebergs

My Firm

Bellwether Real Estate and its agents are dedicated to the community in which we live, work, and play, committed to a high level of service and strive to make a positive impact both professionally and personally!

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