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Get Fit for the Food Bank!

Every year, Fairhaven Runners & Walkers partners up with Hunger vs Hunger to raise money and awareness for food insecurity in Whatcom County! See how you can help make a difference below.

Get Fit For Food Bank 2024.jpg

Your challenge is:

to rack up at least 900 minutes of your favorite physical activities in the month of July. And you’ve got to mix it up by doing at least four different kinds of activities. 
Fairhaven Runners will donate:

$25 to the Hunger vs Hunger Bellingham Food Bank Fundraiser for each person who completes the challenge up to $2,500 in donations! 
Everyone who completes the challenge will: 

be eligible for a raffle where they will give away four $25 Fairhaven Runners & Walkers gift cards.

What kinds of activity counts?

Walking, hiking, running, dancing, paddling, cycling, swimming, climbing, strength training, stretching, yoga, golfing, pickleball-ing, yard games, etc., etc., etc. 
How do you record & report your results?

Each day record the activity you did and minutes you exercised until you reach 900 minutes, then take a screenshot or photo of your 
list and email it to us at by July 31st. 

Here's a PDF worksheet to use for tracking your results! 

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