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The Hunger Games!

Saturday, June 8th, Kulshan Athletics and Corner Taphouse are teaming up with Hunger vs Hunger to host a two part event designed to test your fitness while raising money for the Bellingham Food Bank! See below for specific details regarding each event, how to sign up, and the prizes at stake!

Hunger Games Flyer (3).png
Kulshan Athletics: 9 am to Noon @ 1726 Franklin St
Corner Taphouse: 3 pm to 8 pm @ 1125 Finnegan Way #103
The Kulshan Athletics Half:

To compete in the Kulshan Athletics Fitness Competition phase of the Hunger Games, you must REGISTER HERE. There is a suggested donation of $20/person and there are teams of two. To make your donation, go here. In the donation description, write: Hunger Games Event

The workout will consist of 10 stations, 1 minute per station with a 30 second transition time. We will be counting maximum reps at each station. There will also be a short finisher where a team can score a bonus point. The 10 stations are below: 

1) Synchronized wall balls

2) Pull-ups

3) Burpees

4) Push-ups

5) Synchronized sit-ups

6) Synchronized air squats

7) Handstand push-ups (substitute available)

8) Box get-overs

9) Rowing for distance

10) Synchronized kettlebell swings

Finisher: SURPRISE

  • Kulshan Crossfit Merch

  • Hunger vs Hunger Merch

  • A chance at the GRAND PRIZE (see below)

  • Corner Taphouse Gift Cards


There will be prizes given out for the winners of each division as well as to the team that donates the most money! 

The Corner Taphouse Half:

No registration needed here! The beer games will consist of 4 stations. Each station will be scored differently. Ethan will complete all stations to the best of his ability and your teams goal will be to beat the mark set by Ethan. The 4 stations are below: 

1) Straight arm stein hold

2) Two keg hold (one keg per arm) 

3) Speed beer pong

4) Rowing machine calorie burn


  • Gift cards to Corner Taphouse 

  • Custom beer trophy

  • Merch

There will be prizes given out for the winner of each station as well as to the team that donates the most money! 


The grand prize will be a combination of prizes from Corner Taphouse, some Hunger vs Hunger merch, and a ONE MONTH MEMBERSHIP to Kulshan Athletics!

To be eligible for the grand prize, your team must compete at both Kulshan Athletics AND Corner Taphouse.

Still have questions? Email or text/call 360.920.3088

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