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March 2024: Bellingham Market Recap

March Recap!

Holy smokes. When I said that our market was hotter than the numbers were yet to show, this is what I meant. Median home price sky-rocketed from February to March with a 24% increase. This means we're back to about where we were at during the hottest stretch of last year. Bellingham is set up to see a major upward trend continuing through the end of summer. A positive jobs report last week means that potential rate cuts continue to be pushed down the line, but it currently doesn't seem to matter much.

Our inventory has also continued to show the spring boost we're conditioned to seeing. Hopefully this continues and more houses become available for the plethora of ready buyers.

Interested in buying or selling your home, but not sure where to start? Let's talk! Reach out today.

Median Home Price: $620k

Up 7.1% Since March 2023

Homes for Sale: 250 Homes

Down 15.5% Since March 2023

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