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Navigating the Cities & Neighborhoods of Whatcom County. Part 3: Birch Bay Overview

Updated: Mar 14

Welcome to Birch Bay, Washington - a small beach town just six miles south of the USA-Canada border. It's known as a retirement community despite its youthful energy and summer tourism. Named after the bay that so clearly defines it, Birch Bay maintains beautiful views of the San Juans, Vancouver Island, & on especially clear days, the immense coastal mountains of mainland British Columbia.

On the tourist side of things, Birch Bay offers a little bit of everything. There's a range of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets. From beachfront cottages to vacation rentals, RV parks to campgrounds, there's guaranteed to something for you. As far as activities go, Birch Bay has it all. Most locals likely think of the annual 4th of July party as the biggest event of the year with a seemingly endless firework show put on primarily by local enthusiasts. It's even known to outshine the professional show put on by the nearby City of Blaine. The event list goes far beyond the 4th though. The Birch Bay Discovery Days Festival is designed to share the town's history by partying, parading, and performing in the sun. It's a dazzling event with tons of local talent. The Birch Bay Rollback Weekend is another fun one, highlighting old school cars and motorcycles.

Combine the mix of lodging with the lengthy list of attractions and it's no surprise Birch Bay sees such an influx of guests every summer. Interested in turning this beach town paradise into more than just a destination? Email me today!


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