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Navigating the Cities & Neighborhoods of Whatcom County. Part 6: Lummi Island Overview

Welcome to Lummi Island, Washington - a quaint, tight-knit community. With a year-round population of just ~900 people, it may seem less popular than it really is. With stunning, panoramic views no matter what part of the island you're on, Lummi continues to blow expectations out of the water.

Just a stone's throw south of the Lummi Nation, Lummi Island is much closer to Bellingham than many realize. Don't let the ferry ride stop you from taking a visit. It's cheap, quick (<10 minutes), and runs at least once an hour. Ride your bike onto the ferry and tour the whole island in only a few hours.

On Lummi, life seems to slow down. Single lane roads loop their way around the island giving you only a few potential routes and letting your mind wander free. The Lummi Island Community takes immense pride in maintaining the culture it has worked to foster for so long. The Island is accepting, kind, and generous. On Lummi, your neighbors are often a shared resource as much as they are a friend. Everyone embraces that, from trading firewood for fresh eggs to carpooling into town for grocery runs.

The inhabitants manage to maintain this spirit extremely well despite the influx of seasonal visitors every summer. Maybe it's due to the lack of a true "town" on the island, forcing people to rely on each other rather than the stores. Maybe it's due to the ferry creating a mental switch from bustling life to vacation mode. Or maybe it's the fresh breeze off the waters of Hale's Passage. Who knows what the reason is. Either way, it's something quite special.

Interested in moving to Lummi Island? Reach out today, and let's help you find home on this peaceful retreat.

Photo Credit: Edmund Lowe

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