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Navigating the Cities & Neighborhoods of Whatcom County. Part 2: Ferndale Overview

Welcome to Ferndale, Washington - a charming town with all the spunk of Bellingham packed into a smaller presentation. Nestled alongside the Nooksack River, Ferndale is known for its friendly community, fantastic parks, and historic downtown.

The people and events of Ferndale are what makes this town special; from centuries of hosting the Ferndale Old Settler’s Picnic at Pioneer Park, to years of the Highland Games at Hovander Park (seriously go check out this park), to the Ferndale Street Festival in the summers, the Family Festival in the winters, and much, much more.

Along with being in a beautiful location, Ferndale benefits from being in a convenient one. Just 10 miles north of Bellingham and the amenities that come with it, anything you may need isn’t far away. You get the boons of a big town with the coziness of a small one.

Ferndale also offers a strong sense of community involvement and volunteerism, with residents often coming together to support local initiatives and charities. Whether it's participating in neighborhood clean-up events or volunteering at the local food bank, there are ample opportunities for residents to give back and make a positive impact in their town.

Interested in moving to Ferndale, Washington? Reach out today!

Photo Credit: Visit Bellingham

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