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HvH's Not so Silent Auction Brings Home the Bacon

It feels like it was just yesterday that I was scrambling around trying to get all the auction items presented in a fashionable manner, making sure the bid sheets were in the right spots, ensuring that pens were accessible, and keeping the potential bidders informed. Despite the rains best effort to dull our day, the event was electric. The Legendary Chucklenuts played their tails off for 3 full hours, HUNDREDS of lovely people came and went throughout the night, and the line of giddy auction bidders put their money where their mouth was. We raised over TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for the Bellingham Food Bank. In one night. That's insane! I'm so grateful for the incredible group of people that come together every year to make this night possible. This year, I'm especially grateful for the 34 local businesses that donated auction items to the cause. Enjoy these awesome photos from the event.

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